Welcome to Mrs. Ferguson's Kindergarten Class!

" Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 

- Benjamin Franklin 

About Mrs. Ferguson:
                       I am very excited to be your childs Kindergarten teacher! This will be my fifth year teaching, I taught Pre-K for three years in another district and this will be my second year in Kindergarten with Conroe ISD.   I have been married for three years to my awesome husband  and we have a son who is 3 months old this month! !  I graduated from Sam Houston State University with my Bachlor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher since I was very young. I enjoy working with kids because of their curiousity, desire, and determination. I want to make everyday a new and fun day for every student. A child's education is so important and it is only fair that they have every opportunity to shine and learn as much as they possibly can this school year. I know this year will be a great year!
A Few of my Favorites:
My favorite color is Teal or Mint Green.
My favorite food is pizza or Chick-fil-a.
My favorite drink is Dr. Pepper
My favorite candy is Dove chocolate.
My favorite hobby is crafting.
Lastly my favorite thing to do when I am not at school is to spend time with my family!

I can't wait to meet all of my students and learn all the many things that they love!! This is going to be an awesome year!

Contact Info:  
Email : nferguson@conroeisd.net  Or Call the school: (936) 709-5200.
My Conference time:  9:20-10:10
I will get back to you as soon as I can !

Important Dates and Info.
August 17th - Meet the Teacher from 5:30 -7 pm
Augusust 22nd- First Day of School

* If you have a transportation change please send a note or call the front office before 2pm.
** Please make sure the front office has the most recent contact information in case of an emergency.

What we are Working on in Kindergarten:
These are the sight words that we are learning in our classroom.  Please practice these words at home.  These words are seen frequently in books and should be easily recognized by your student when reading.  When your student can recognize these words, he or she can become a more successful reader.

Kindergarten Sight Words:

I       in         yes       on      see       my     am     it      the       to      and       no      like      said        at     can      you     go   a    did    me   do   is        up       are        with       look       for       was       we       here      of       saw       went        have

Oral Language, Reading, and Writing…
*Recognize Sight Words: ALL 35 (See words above...)
*Recognize ALL letters and sounds (out of order)
*Write 1st name and last name with a capital 1st letter and all other letters lowercase
*Illustrate and write stories with a beginning, middle, and end using appropriate letter sounds, spaces, and periods.
*Identify Beginning, middle, & ending sounds
*Identify and produce rhyming words
*Identify the number of Syllables in words
*Comprehension Skills and Strategies:
Each night read to your child and ask the questions, who?, what?, when?, where?, how?
**Read at a DRA level 6 by the end of the year!!

*Describes, identifies, and compares 4 basic shapes
*Sorts objects by color, shape, and size
*Describes, extends (What comes next?), and creates AB, ABB, ABC, AABB patterns
*Uses and Creates Graphs
*Identifies numbers 0-20 (out of order)
*Writes 0-20 randomly called out of order
*Making sets of objects to represent numbers 0-20
*Counts objects 1-to-1 up to 20
*Count 0 to 100
*Join and Separate groups of objects (addition and subtraction)

If you have any questions at all please ask!
- Mrs. Ferguson



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