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Nurse: Brandi Sandefer RN
Clinic Assistant: Graciela Martinez

I am so happy to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful kids of Milam and their families!
Please contact me with any questions or concerns you may have about your child, immunizations, or health issues.


*Epi Pen and Epi Pen Jr Recall
Please click on the following link for information on the recall and lot numbers of the pens that have been recalled. Contact the clinic with any questions.

The state of Texas requires certain immunizations for admission into school. The following is a link for immunization requirements for K-12. If you are unsure if your child is up to date please look at the website or contact the clinic.

Below you will find resources for immunization clinics that offer free or reduced immunizations.

Free Children's Immunizations
August 16, 2016
August 30, 2016
                                   October 25, 2016
East Montgomery County Improvement District,
21569 Highway 59 North, ~~~~
~New Caney, TX 77357
Sponsored by Christus, Healthy Living Mobile Clinic
What to bring: ~Shot Record
For information call:
Free Children's Immunizations
~August 23, 2016
September 27, 2016
November 29, 2016

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
704 Old Montgomery Road, Conroe, TX 77301
Sponsored by Christus, Healthy Living Mobile Clinic
What to bring: Shot Record
For information call:
Immunization Helpline by Texas Children's Hospital 832-824-2061
Information is English, Spanish and                        Vietnamese
Click link below to find low cost clinics near the Houston area:
Lone Star Family Health Center
605 S Conroe Medical Drive, Conroe, Tx 77304
M-F, 8:00-4:00, Aug. 15-26 ~Bring Shot Record
                              $10 per Immunization
FREE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~9:30-1:30 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FREE
~*August 19, 2016*
*Runyan Elementary
1101 Foster Dr.
Conroe, TX 77301
Sponsored by Christus, Healthy Living Mobile Clinic
~Bring Shot Record
Forest Health Clinic ~~~Bring Shot Record
8000 Hwy 242
Conroe, TX 77385
Mon-Fri 9:00-1:00 & 2:00-6:00
Sat 9:00-1:00
No appointment needed
Immunizations $15 each
Montgomery County Health Dept. ~~~Bring Shot Record
Public Health Clinic
1300 S. Loop 336 W.
Conroe, TX
By Appointment only. No insurance, underinsured, Medicaid. ~Does NOT accept CHIPS. One vaccine $10, two vaccines $20, three or more vaccines $30.
Airline Medical Clinic: Porter ~~Bring Shot Record
24420 FM 1314
Suite 6
Porter, TX 77365
Mon-Fri. 8:30-6:00
Vaccines $15 each, (Meningitis vaccine $20)
No Appointment needed for vaccines
Walgreens Clinic ~~~~Bring Shot Record
(Check website for location and pricing)
HEB Redi Clinic
(Check website for location and pricing)
Kroger Pharmacy
(Check website for location and pricing)
Express Family Clinic: Spring Location
610 Rayford Rd ~~~~~~Bring Shot Record
Suite 644
Spring, TX 77386
Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00
No appointment needed
Vaccines $10 each
Express Family Clinic: Conroe Location
16145 Hwy 105 W. ~Bring Shot Record
Suite 600
Montgomery, TX 77356
Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00
No appointment needed
Vaccines $10 each
Greens Road Med-Surgical Clinic
210 W. Greens Rd., Suite C
Houston, Texas 77067
(281) 872-7676
M-F 8 am – 5:30 pm
Sat. 8 am – 12 noon
$14 per immunization
$25 TB Skin Test
Clinica Hispana
9720 Jones Rd. #240
M-F 8am-5pm
                 Sat 8am-12noon
                          $14 per immunization
$25 TB Skin Test

Medication Administration:
Just a reminder that all medications must be checked in to the clinic by a parent or legal guardian. Children are NOT allowed to carry medications to or from school. All medications are to be in the original container. (The pharmacy should be able to give you a second bottle for school.) Medications, prescription and over-the-counter,  will be administered per the instructions on the label. They must be current. No expired medication will be administered.  Inhalers and nebulizer treatments should be in the original box with the pharmacy label. We can not accept them otherwise. If your child requires nebulizer treatments you must provide the tubing as we do not keep this stocked in the clinic. Please refer to the CISD policy on medication administration for questions or you may contact the clinic.

*Please be sure to keep current phone numbers on file at the clinic so you may be reached in case of emergency!

Shoo Bug Don't Bother Me:
We've all heard the buzz about Zika and West Nile which can be transmitted through a mosquito bite.  With all the rain and floods it is predicted that mosquitos will be especially bad this year. Since they can be carriers of viruses that can make us very sick it is important to protect ourselves from mosquito bites. To keep our students safe the district has created a policy allowing student's to use bug repellant at school. The policy is found in the student handbook. Please review it or contact the clinic before sending it to school. Below are links to the Centers for Disease Control mosquito bite prevention tips. Please take a moment to look at them, so you will be prepared to protect yourself and your family.

Mosquito Bite Prevention- English

Prevencion de picaduras de mosquitos- Spanish

Lice Information:
Below are links to information regarding lice, transmission, and treatment. We recommend you do weekly head checks as well as after sleep overs to aid in early detection. If live lice are found, everyone in the household should be checked. Treatment should be done only on those who have live lice. It is important to notify friends and family members the child has come in close contact with recently so they may be checked as well. If you have any questions feel free to contact the clinic.
Lice Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Lice Fact Sheet- Spanish

We are starting to come into cold and flu season. Please help to prevent the spread of the flu by talking to your kids about the importance of hand washing, getting a flu vaccine, and keeping them home when they are sick. The following link shares some great information on this topic.


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